Who We Are

We started Resonance ATL to use our experience and expertise to help nonprofits and donors boost their impact. We’ve been in your shoes whether you are a nonprofit leader, program director, donor or fundraiser. We’ve also served on nonprofit boards, advised them, and reported to them. We know how donors and nonprofits can truly change the world. And we’ve been disappointed by how opportunities can be lost, and distractions can get you off track. That’s what motivates us to help you by clarifying and articulating your priorities, then synchronizing your actions and resources to achieve your goals for social change.

Our Story

Photo of winding woodland path

It started with a walk in the woods.

One day when we were walking on a path near a river, we realized that by combining our very different experiences with our complementary skills, we could help nonprofits and donors get better results.

Together, we have a comprehensive understanding of how to create meaningful outcomes in the social impact sector. Additionally, because we advise nonprofit organizations as well as the donors who support them, we facilitate dialogue between them about shared goals and how to better serve communities.

Why Work With ResonanceATL?

ResonanceATL, a woman-owned boutique consultancy, offers a different way to support nonprofit organizations and charitable donors. With decades of experience, we know how to direct the available resources to accomplish more and avoid distractions that take focus away from significant goals. We spend the time needed to understand the desired outcomes, motivations and situation of each client so we can tailor an approach that will achieve their vision for change. As we undertake each project, we are guided by our values and our deep desire to help bring about positive change that benefits communities, families and individuals.

Our Partners

Kelly Caffarelli

Kelly Caffarelli, JD offers a unique perspective gained from leading a corporate foundation and a nonprofit, as well as advising private funders and boards, and serving on numerous boards. After over a decade practicing corporate law, she served as President and member of the Board of The Home Depot Foundation where she developed innovative funding relationships that created successful, long-term philanthropic partnership. As a consultant, she uses her knowledge and experience to develop funding strategies for individuals, foundations and corporations that reflect the clients' unique motivations, priorities and goals. Her nonprofit governance work focuses on incorporating best practices and practical improvements that encourage improved, strategic oversight, more productive, engaged meetings and consensus-based decision-making.

Faye Dresner, MBA, MSW is a purpose-driven leader who has spent her career working with organizational, philanthropic, and board leaders to increase impact, align action with vision, and build capacity to create change. This work has involved developing teams, overseeing multi-faceted projects, and managing complex human dynamics resulting in greater organizational sustainability and impact, effective change and growth, and higher performing teams. Through her current work as a consultant and coach to organizations, leaders, and donors, Faye’s guiding principle is to leverage talent, partnerships, funding, and skills to benefit the community.

Faye Dresner

Our Values

We believe that our actions and purpose are reflections of our most deeply held values. Resonance ATL believes strongly in (in no particular order) Gratitude, Equity, Integrity, Curiosity and Humor. We strive to incorporate them into our work, to bring them to life in our relationships and to use them as a framework for our decision making.


We believe that the willingness to give is an expression of gratitude, both for what we have and for the knowledge, assistance and kindness others have given us. We now want to pay that generosity forward, by supporting the work of others engaged in social change efforts.


We believe in the importance of discovery and continually learning because it opens our minds to new possibilities. Being curious helps us rethink and relearn, make new connections, and encourage diversity of thought to drive better results.


We believe that everyone should be treated fairly and justly, while considering each person's and group of people's unique circumstances. We recognize that we don't all start from the same place, so appropriate adjustments are necessary to "level the playing field."


We believe that acting with integrity means choosing to live in accordance with our principles and values. This means "doing the right thing," whether or not someone is watching.


We believe that although our work is serious, humor is a powerful tool. Used skillfully, appropriate humor can build relationships, inspire hope and make challenging topics less difficult.

What is Resonance?

Resonance. (rez-e-nens/. noun.
(1) phenomenon that occurs when two objects have a shared frequency resulting in an increase in amplitude or energy
(2) the quality of a sound that stays loud, clear and deep for a long time
(3) a quality that makes something personal or meaningful
Image of numerous overlapping sound waves

Everything has a natural frequency at which it moves. How two objects interact depends on whether their frequencies are synchronized. If they aren't, the objects interfere with each other and create "noise." But when frequencies are synchronized, or have resonance, each is amplified.

We founded ResonanceATL on the belief that when purpose and action are on the same frequency, the results can be amazing. We're driven to focus clients on synchronizing the two to catalyze change and amplify the impact they can achieve.

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ResonanceATL empowers individuals, families and organizations to accomplish their goals in the nonprofit sector. In a world full of noise, let's tune your strategy and find your resonance.
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