Amplify your impact and achieve your goals for social change

ResonanceATL empowers clients to focus their energy and resources on having greater impact.
By eliminating distractions and clarifying your priorities, we help you set a clear path to achieving meaningful goals and amplifying your impact.

Our Client Results

Develop a giving plan that allows you to be:

Adopt governance practices and policies that enable you to:

Develop a strategic plan that empowers you to:

  • Strategic in your approach to giving
  • Intentional and informed in your decision making
  • Confident of your impact
  • Joyful in fulfilling your purpose
  • Provide strategic, transparent oversight
  • Conduct productive, participatory meetings
  • Make informed, consensus-based decisions
  • Develop collaborative, trusting relationships
  • Transform the mission into action
  • Use proven program strategies
  • Drive decisions and actions toward desired goals
  • Align the team around shared goals
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Learn How to Enhance the Impact of Your Donations

ResonanceATL's Faye and Kelly had a great conversation recently with Maggie Kulyk about some of the issues that donors can consider when deciding where to direct their charitable dollars, including how to find a focus area you care about and how to ensure your contributions make an impact.

Why Resonance?

Everything in the universe has a natural frequency. When two objects have frequencies that are synchronized, each becomes stronger. Because enacting change is difficult and complex, ResonanceATL works with our clients to synchorize their purpose, effort and resources, resulting in deep, clear and continuing impact.

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