Individual & Corporate Donors

Working with ResonanceATL provides individuals, corporations and foundations confidence that their generosity is creating an impact that matters. We guide clients to make contributions to the community that provide a sense of purpose and gratitude, whether they are a family building a philanthropic tradition or a company supporting teams of employees volunteering together. Our clients combine the benefits of giving with the knowledge that their contributions are helping others, creating their vision for change and amplifying their generosity.

Individual and Family Donors

Enhancing the Joy of Giving

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We know that the joy of giving is real, but what creates it for each person is different. That's why we dedicate the time needed to get to know you and understand what shapes your desire to give and your philanthropic goals.

If you are just beginning your journey, our personalized Clarity Plan process can create a road map that will make you confident you're supporting nonprofits that share your vision for change.

We can also help you through every step of realizing your goals, from discovering and vetting nonprofits to evaluating the impact your generosity created. With defined goals and confidence in your impact, you'll experience more satisfaction and an enhanced joy of giving.

Why Have a Personal Donor Clarity Plan?

Your Clarity Plan reflects your personal values and what motivates your generosity. By providing a concise road map you can follow to accomplish your philanthropic goals, your Clarity Plan allows you to be:

Strategic in your approach to giving

Confident in your impact

and Joyful in fulfilling your purpose.

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Clarify your priorities and goals
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Be confident in your giving
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Involve your family
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Learn more about a cause
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Measure your impact
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Find and vet aligned nonprofits
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Know when to say "no"
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Integrate into your financial planning
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A La Carte Services

For donors who have set their philanthropic goals and want help achieving them, we offer a menu of services that can be customized to fit their needs, including

  • All phases of grantmaking and evaluation
  • Identification of nonprofits aligned with donor goals and strategy
  • Coordination of customized nonprofit site visits
  • Intergenerational philanthropy advising and facilitation
  • Tailored, focused education and/or experiences
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    Partnering with Advisors

    Philanthropic expertise to support you and your clients

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    The subject of charitable giving often comes up in clients' discussions with investment, financial and legal advisors, who are uniquely positioned to help clients act on their desire to be generous. As a trusted, subject matter expert, ResonanceATL can support you and your clients by providing an additional level of expertise in philanthropy to your services. Together, we can empower clients to be more confident that their donations are creating the impact they want.

    Corporate Donors

    Exceeding Expectations

    Corporations today are expected to do a great deal more than just make profits. Employees, communities, customers and investors look to companies to be good neighbors, contribute to the communities where they operate and to be transparent about their efforts. Additionally, these philanthropic efforts need to align with the company's strengths and unique culture to be considered authentic. When companies get it right, the benefits are far-reaching including: enhanced reputation and goodwill; higher employee engagement and an increased ability to attract and retain talent; and a meaningful way to differentiate from competitors.

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    How We Work With Companies

    We help companies develop practical, comprehensive philanthropic programs that meaningfully represent your values and culture.

    Define Philanthropic Focus Areas

    Identify charitable causes that reflect your unique culture and values and align with your corporate and philanthropic goals

    Build Volunteer Programs

    Provide employees with meaningful engagement activities while strengthening their communities

    Design Grants Programs

    Distribute funds and in kind donations to support strategic goals while improving communities

    Create Employee Grants Programs

    Create programs to recognize and support employee interests including employee grants programs, Dollars for Doers and matching grants

    Let's talk about boosting your impact
    ResonanceATL empowers individuals, families and organizations to accomplish their goals in the nonprofit sector. In a world full of noise, let's tune your strategy and find your resonance.
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