What We Do

“Doing good” isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  We understand that navigating social issues and transforming your goals into reality can be complicated, and at times frustrating. ResonanceATL helps our clients answer the “what, why and how” of their vision for change and focus on clear, actionable plans that amplify their impact.

Impact Amplified

Our work enhances the ability of nonprofits, their leaders and the donors who support them to make deep, meaningful change. We help clarify the results they want to achieve, concentrate on the priorities that will move them forward, and identify partners who share their goals for change. By helping clients transform their core purpose and values into actions that make a difference, our ultimate goal is to strengthen the social sector.

How We Work with Clients

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Focusing on gaining practical benefits from more than a "check the box" exercise.

Having the right governance documents is critical, but following the right governance practices can determine the Board's ability to oversee the long-term success of your organization. Our work focuses on giving your Board the tools and training to:
Provide informed, strategic leadership through consensus-based decision making
Conduct highly engaged, participatory Board and committee meetings
Foster collaborative, trust-based relationships
Board Governance
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Exploring the right questions to map your strategic direction using our client-centric approach.

We encourage organizations to challenge the status quo and prioritize evidence-based actions to achieve their mission. We guide the creation and communication of a roadmap for enhancing effectiveness through a plan that:
Sets key mission aligned goals and positions stakeholders to achieve them
Ties resources, behavior and decision-making to achieving goals
Creates metrics for monitoring progress and ability to adjust as appropriate
Strategy & Planning
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Developing stronger leaders to overcome the challenges of creating social change.

Nonprofits leaders require a unique range of experience, skills and qualities to be successful. We support executives, managers, and board members to gain new insights and transform limitations so they can: 
Effectively lead their teams to accomplish the organization's mission
Navigate and manage change
Gain confidence and self-awareness
Build a culture of collaboration and trust with a focus on goal achievement
Leadership Coaching & Development
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Gaining the confidence your generosity is achieving meaningful goals.

The joy of giving is real and proven, but what creates it for each person is different. We take the time to know what motivates your giving and what issues matter most to you to empower you to be:
Strategic and informed in your giving
Confident of your impact
Joyful in achieving your purpose
Individual Donor Services
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Reinforcing your values and culture while strengthening communities.

Expectations of companies are high and go beyond the bottom line. We help corporations create comprehensive philanthropic programs that fulfill their social responsibilities while improving communities and creating reputational benefits by:
Defining focus areas that reinforce their values, culture and business strengths
Developing donation programs that align with philanthropic and business goals
Engaging employees in meaningful efforts to give back in the places they work and live
Corporate Donor Services
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ResonanceATL empowers individuals, families and organizations to accomplish their goals in the nonprofit sector. In a world full of noise, let's tune your strategy and find your resonance.
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