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Leading a nonprofit organization can feel like putting a puzzle together: you need a vision, you need a plan, you need resources, and you need the right pieces to go into place in the right order. We know it can seem overwhelming so our services support the entire process and ensure the staff and Board have the knowledge and tools they need to align around, and achieve, shared goals.  

Our Interconnected Services

We take an integrated approach to supporting nonprofits because we know an aligned organization is more likely to achieve its mission and goals.

Our work ranges from guiding an organization's Board to develop an evidence-based strategy with outcome-oriented goals to equipping the Board and staff with tools and training to achieve their goals. Throughout every step, the focus remains on defining the best ways to advance the nonprofit's mission while minimizing distractions that take time and resources away from achieving its mission.

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Board Governance Services

Building More Productive Boards

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Better board governance practices create the structure that enables boards to work together more productively, better support staff and advance the organization's mission. Our work with boards creates practical benefits that include: 
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Strategic, transparent oversight advancing the mission
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Productive, participatory board and committee meetings
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Clearly defined roles, responsibilities & expectations
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Strong, trust-based relationship with staff
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Strategic, transparent oversight advancing the mission
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How We Work With Clients

Our Governance Services span the breadth of practices, policies and structures that influence how your board operates and provides oversight. We work with organizations to review, provide recommendations and implement action plans related to:
Governing Documents and Related Policies and Practices
Meeting Structure and Decision-Making Process
Self-Evaluations, Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations
Orientation and Ongoing Training
Board Culture & Engagement and Board-Staff Relationship
Board Development, Recruitment & Onboarding

Strategy & Planning Services

Our Client-Centric Approach

Examples of different models and tools for nonprofit strategic planning

We know that each organization faces different issues and strategic decisions about the best way forward. That's why we customize our approach to ask and explore the most relevant questions. We draw from a range of available models, frameworks and tools to help teams set the right direction for each organization. This customer-centric approach meets your specific needs, so the final plan produces the most meaningful outcomes possible.

 What You Can Expect

Our planning process guides nonprofits to develop plans and strategies that align their efforts and resources to expand their impact. While the issues raised by each client are different, the plans that result from our process share several imporant characteristics.

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  • Transform your mission into relevant action
  • Align work and resources with stated goals
  • Account for critical factors that could influence outcomes
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  • Validate your approach with evidence
  • Enhance the probability of successful outcomes
  • Make plans and decisions based on proven strategies
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  • Create a clear roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Identify and verify progress and success
  • Specify roles, responsibilities and expectations
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  • Identify, document and quantify desired results
  • Determine the most effective activities
  • Continuously review progress and adjust accordingly

Leadership Coaching & Development

Why Effective Leadership Matters

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Leading any organization can be complex, but nonprofit leaders and managers face a unique set of challenges requiring a wide range of skills and strategies. Our coaching is focused on the pursuit of business results through the continual development of emotional flexibility, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness while identifying and transforming limiting beliefs.

What You Can Expect

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Enhance Self-Awareness

Become aware of behaviors, thought patterns, fears, triggers, and stories that ignite or hinder effectiveness and sustainably change them

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Evolve as a Leader

Use your full capacity to lead effectively from both the head, through knowledge and experience, and the heart, with instinct and intuition

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Build Trust in the Workplace

Build trust through enhanced  communication and relationship skills to  improve collaboration, engagement and productivity

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Get Desired Results

Learn to individualize your management and leadership  to motivate and empower others to excel

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